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1998, Design Maker

These terms and conditions are effective 25 January 1998.

  1. Design Maker requires that all information submitted to them be owned (copyright) by the requester. Furthermore, the requester grants permission for Design Maker to use these materials in their work.

  2. All uses of Design Maker's services must be for LEGAL BUSINESS PURPOSES in both the United States of America, and in their home country.

  3. No obscene or sexually oriented material will be tolerated, nor will links from DesignMaker.com hosted sites to any pages or sites containing such information. DesignMaker.com has sole authority in deciding if your material or links are improper, and will at its discretion, advise you to remove, or delete the offending material without any recourse or refund for unused services.

  4. The submission of an order is a firm contract under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania, and is payable at the time of order. Design work is not refundable. All efforts will be made by Design Maker to insure your satisfaction.

  5. Hosting services are payable in advance in accordance with the quoted terms, and are not refundable during that time period. You may request deletion of a page or pages and substitution of a "referral" page to a different location for the period remaining if the value of the remaining time warrants.

  6. Our Legal Notice contains additional information which are part of our "Terms & Conditions".
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